Created and developed by students of the Ipssi, School of Computer Science, Web and Digital Marketing in Paris, Dentiio is the result of a long and meticulous analysis of dental practice.

In close collaboration with a dental surgeon and aiming to merge dentistry with technology, our ambition is to build an extensive network that will allow the exchange of knowledge and mutual support within the community.

The goal: To support health professionals, students and more experienced practitioners, in order to contribute to the improvement of dental practices.

illustration of dentists caring for a tooth


validate your diagnosis

Use technology in order to create a support network between oral health professionals.


Give dentists the means to share their experiences and advices with their colleagues.


Strengthen the solidarity between oral health professionals through information exchanges.

programming illustration


Dentiio is an open-source web app. The access to source code and the creation of derivative works are made available to the public.

  • All developer wishing to participate to the project is welcome to collaborate through Github.
  • Contribute to improve the platform’s performance and security.
  • Front-end is developed in React and back-end is an API in Symfony4